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Postdocs needed for an ERC-funded project

We are looking for a

research associate!

Got a PhD in life sciences?


Join our lab as a research associate (staff scientist) and lead our ERC-funded project: transcriptional and chromatin regulation of liver metabolism during intermittent fasting


We are looking for a motivated and creative researcher to study gene regulation during fasting in the liver. We are particularly interested in elucidating how transcription factors regulate enhancer dynamics to facilitate the fasting response. We use high throughput genome-wide sequencing techniques (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, WGBS, GRO-seq and RNA-seq) as well as mouse models to study transcription factor crosstalk and chromatin dynamics in the liver during fasting, ketogenic diet and high-fat diet. 


Educational Requirements:

Candidates should have a PhD in biological sciences, molecular biology, genetics, endocrinology and/or a related field of study (M.D. or equivalent degrees are acceptable)



Candidates should be proficient in animal work and molecular biology techniques.

Preferred: experience in liver biology, metabolism, endocrinology, chromatin biology, epigenetics or genomics-oriented computational biology.


Job description:

  • Independently leading research projects

  • Mentoring and supervision of students

  • Overseeing and advising general progress of projects in the lab

  • Position is at the rank of senior academic staff (סגל אקדמי בכיר)

  • Candidates are not expected to do any administrative or teaching tasks, the job is 100% science


To apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae,

list of publications and contact information of references to: