The liver is responsible for various tasks aimed at maintaining homeostasis:


Many of these functions are regulated by dynamic regulation of hepatic gene expression

We study how liver cells regulate gene expression, thereby responding to extracellular signals and perform hepatic functions to maintain homeostasis. 



fasting TFs.tif

The Figure depicts the transcription factors involved in transcriptional regulation of the hepatic fasting response

(adapted from Goldstein and Hager, 2015, Trends Endocrinol Metab).


Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic diets are nutritional regimens in which carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced and replaced with high lipid intake. Ketogenic diets have significant therapeutic effects in certain disease and is becoming increasingly popular as a lifestyle intervention for healthy individuals.

While ketogenic diet has significant health benefits, the molecular mechanisms promoting them are unclear. We study the effect of ketogenic diet on liver chromatin and transcriptional modules and investigate their contribution to the health benefits of ketogenic diets.


Iron Homeostasis

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Transcription Factor Cooperation

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